SNL Alumnus Shakes Up The Newport Police Force!

The Newport, Rhode Island, Police Department received an unexpected and delightful surprise on Saturday morning when Kenan Thompson, the longest reigning cast member of “Saturday Night Live,” paid them a visit. Thompson, accompanied by Newport’s Mayor Xay Khamsyvoravong, took the opportunity to drop by the police department while in town filming the highly anticipated sequel to his iconic film, “Good Burger.”

Sharing the exciting news on their social media, the NPD revealed that the late watch and day watch officers were treated to a special visit during their shift change. More than a dozen men and women from the police force had the opportunity to pose for a group photo alongside Thompson and Mayor Khamsyvoravong.

In the NPD’s Instagram post, they said, “This morning at shift change the late watch and day watch Officers were surprised by a couple visitors! Mayor Xay Khamsyvoravong and actor/comedian Kenan Thompson stopped in with some coffee and donuts (yes we really do love coffee and donuts). Thompson is in Rhode Island during the filming of the new Goodburger movie and was nice enough to stop and hang out some of the guys and girls from NPD!”

Kenan Thompson and Newport Mayor Xay Khamsyvoravong surprised NPD on Saturday morning. (Newport RI Police Department/Instagram)

Officer Frank Pirri, a community officer, unfortunately, missed the initial photo exchange but arrived shortly after, only to discover the commotion in the parking lot. He expressed his initial disappointment, as he had grown up watching Thompson on television and was excited to meet him. However, his disappointment quickly dissipated when he found Thompson in the front lot and was introduced by his captain.

Pirri recounted the friendly encounter, explaining that Thompson shook his hand and surprised him by asking if he wanted to take a picture. Overjoyed by the unexpected offer, Pirri gladly accepted and ended up with a solo picture alongside the SNL star. He humorously shared that he used the photo to playfully rub it in the faces of his colleagues who had teased him for arriving late.

Describing Thompson as “wicked nice,” Pirri emphasized that his initial disappointment transformed into a positive experience. He praised the celebrities who visit Newport, highlighting that they have all been gracious and supportive of the local police department, always willing to take pictures with the officers. He expressed confidence that Thompson would not be the last celebrity to stop by their town, given its popularity and picturesque charm.

Pirri added “What seemed to be a bummer that I missed him… ended up being a good thing because I got a solo picture by myself.

“I definitely used that to rub it in the other guys’ faces, ‘cause you know they’re obviously rubbing it in my face when I showed up late,” he joked.

“He’s not the first to stop by, I’m sure he won’t be the last,” Pirri said of celebrities in the popular, picturesque town.

“They’ve all been super nice – everyone’s always been willing to take pictures…. They all seem to be big supporters of us.”

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