Sit Com Stars Unite To Remember Suzanne Somers

On Sunday, the cast of the popular ’90s sitcom “Step by Step” reunited for the first time in years to honor their late co-star, Suzanne Somers. The actress, who played Carol Foster on the show, passed away at the age of 76 on October 15 after a battle with breast cancer.

The reunion took place at ’90s Con in Connecticut, where Somers’ former co-stars Christopher Castile, Patrick Duffy, Staci Keanan, Christine Lakin, Jason Marsden, and Sasha Mitchell came together to celebrate her legacy and the impact she had on television for decades.

“Step by Step” is a family sitcom that debuted in 1991 and ran for seven seasons until its finale in 1998. The show centered around two single parents, Frank Lambert (played by Duffy) and Carol Foster (played by Somers), who fall in love, get married, and combine their families of three children each. It was a new take on the traditional family structure and resonated with audiences of all ages.

Somers’ former co-stars shared fond memories of working with her on set and the gifts she would give them. Keenan recalled receiving a pair of Prada cashmere tights from Somers, who was known for her style and glamor. Lakin also shared how Somers was a role model for young women in Hollywood, showing that success and kindness can go hand in hand.

But Somers’ impact reached beyond her time on “Step by Step.” Lakin revealed that she grew up watching Somers on “Three’s Company” and admiring her as a successful actress and businesswoman. Her co-star Watson also shared a special memory of performing a mother-daughter tap dance and song routine with Somers, calling it the highlight of her career.

In October, shortly after Somers’ passing, Duffy shared a heartfelt tribute to his friend on Instagram. He expressed the disbelief and shock he felt upon hearing the news and the sadness of knowing he won’t have one more face-to-face conversation with her.

He also sent his love and support to Somers’ husband, Alan Hamel, and her family, who she often spoke lovingly of.

Somers’ death was not her first battle with cancer. In the 30s, she fought skin cancer, and in her 50s, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite these challenges, she remained a positive and inspiring figure, discussing her experiences openly with the public.

As the reunion came to a close, the cast of “Step by Step” reflected on the impact Somers had on their lives and the entertainment industry.

They remembered her as a kind and generous person with a big heart and stunning beauty. Her co-star, Duffy, summed it up perfectly, saying, “When the stone of your life dropped in this pond, you made quite a ripple, my friend. Thank you.”

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