Simon Cowell Gets Trolls After Almost Unrecognizable Video

The video has since been deleted but not before it went viral and fans are asking questions.

“Um, can we talk about Simon Cowell for a moment?” said one concerned fan along

The video was posted on 12/1/2022 when the TV host told people to contact him to audition for “Britain’s Got Talent,” an offshoot of the wildly popular “American’s Got Talent.”

The video was shocking, considering it happened just one month after he received a Botox procedure.

“I always say on this show, two or three minutes can change your life,” declared Cowell. “And it has. And maybe this time it’s gonna be you.”

He added in the now-deleted social media post, “So please audition now for next year’s season and I look forward to meeting you.”

According to the New York Post, the video was taken because of vicious internet trolls.

“Madame Tussauds unveiled their new waxwork of Simon Cowell,” roasted another.

One social media troll said, “Simon Cowell’s face looks like if George Michael’s corpse was playable character in Goldeneye.”

“Simon Cowell’s the son of Herman Munster,” joked another using a photo comparing Cowell to Frankenstein in the “Addams Family.”

What’s strange is months before the procedure Cowell swore off anymore plastic surgery because he thought he altered his appearance too much.

I reduced it, let’s put it that way,” the infamous curmudgeon told Page Six in November. “Everything in moderation.”

“There was a stage where I might have gone a bit too far,” Cowell added. “I saw a picture of me from ‘before’ the other day, and didn’t recognize it as me first of all.”

He claimed, “Enough was enough. There is no filler in my face at all now. Zero.”

New York Post


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