Shocking Retirement Plans: You Won’t Believe What This Couple Chose to Do!

In a bold move, 80-year-old Mike Soroker and his 75-year-old wife, Barbara, have decided to spend their golden years sailing the world on a cruise ship. The adventurous couple, who fell in love with cruising after just four trips, recently made a substantial downpayment of $60,000 to secure a 720-square-foot cabin on the Storylines’ MV Narrative. This 547-cabin ship, currently under construction, is set to embark on its journey in 2025, promising a leisurely three-year circumnavigation of the globe.

Describing their venture as a “relaxing adventure,” Mike Soroker shared that the couple isn’t looking to rush through every destination but wants to savor each port during their travels while they’re still healthy and alive. The couple’s initial investment grants them access to the ship’s 18 decks, featuring three pools, 20 restaurants, a microbrewery, and a 10,000-volume library.

While their family supports their unconventional decision, the Sorokers acknowledge potential challenges. The couple plans to sell their New York apartment, using their Boca Raton home as a temporary base. Mike highlighted concerns about obtaining necessary medications while at sea and anticipates spending around 30% of their time on land initially.

Excitement surrounds their travel destinations, with Mike expressing a desire to explore the Middle East and witness the wonders of Antarctica, while Barbara looks forward to revisiting Asia, a place she enjoyed in the past. Beyond the thrill of exploration, the couple values the opportunity to forge new friendships, a joy they’ve experienced on previous voyages.

Despite potential hurdles, including accessing medications and adjusting to life at sea, the Sorokers remain optimistic. Mike has taken measures to ensure medical support on board and has reached out to insurance companies for guidance.

While the ship’s completion date looms in 2025, the couple is in no rush, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the journey. Mike reflects on their decision, stating, “When we built our dream house, it took us three years. So, I don’t worry about timelines. I just hope that I’m still alive.”

New York Post


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