Shocking Love Triangle Turns Violent – You Won’t Believe What Happens!

In an incident that unfolded in Midwest City, Oklahoma, a man took action to protect his home when his girlfriend’s estranged husband allegedly broke in, leading to a neighbor expressing gratitude for the state’s open carry laws. Oklahoma’s permitless carry status allows law-abiding residents aged 21 or older to openly or concealed carry firearms without a license.

The event occurred on a Wednesday morning where a male and female resident were at home when they heard their dog’s barking. Investigating the disturbance, the male homeowner encountered Mauricio Alexander Delarosa, identified as the female homeowner’s estranged husband. Notably, the male resident was the current boyfriend of Delarosa’s estranged wife, and the two men had never met prior to this incident.

Allegedly charging at the boyfriend, Delarosa prompted the resident to retrieve his firearm, resulting in a single shot fired by the boyfriend, striking Delarosa in the chest. Police records revealed that Delarosa had made over 170 calls to his estranged wife from Tuesday afternoon until the morning of the incident.

After being shot, Delarosa fled the home and was discovered collapsed in a neighbor’s yard. Emergency services transported him to a hospital for treatment, and he will subsequently be taken to the local jail. The incident highlighted the potential dangers of domestic disputes and the need for residents to defend themselves.

The neighbor, identified only as Gabrielle, praised the state’s open carry laws, emphasizing the importance of individuals being able to protect themselves in situations like home invasions. She warned potential criminals that many residents in the state are armed and ready to defend their homes.

Gabrielle also expressed concerns about the rising crime in the neighborhood, attributing it to the closure of an elementary school the previous year. She called for increased safety measures, including more lighting, to address the escalating criminal activity. Meanwhile, Delarosa faces charges of first-degree burglary and stalking in connection to the incident.

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