Shocking Attack on Star’s Home: ‘Burn It Down’ The Attacker Shouted

In a distressing turn of events, Benedict Cumberbatch, the renowned actor known for his roles in Sherlock and Doctor Strange, along with his wife Sophie, and their three children, experienced a harrowing incident at their residence. The incident involved a man named Jack Bissell, who kicked through the front garden’s iron gate and unleashed a torrent of threats towards the family. Despite the fear and anxiety caused by this intrusion, the family remained unharmed.

According to court reports, Bissell pleaded guilty to criminal damage at Wood Green Crown Court on May 10th, after kicking down the iron gate and verbally assaulting the Cumberbatch family. Witnesses claim that Bissell shouted menacing threats, including the disturbing remark, “I know you’ve moved here, I hope it burns down.” His behavior escalated as he proceeded to damage the property, tearing down the intercom using a fish knife after spitting on it and throwing a plant at the garden wall.

Jack Bissell, 35

After being identified through DNA evidence found on the intercom, Bissell was apprehended by authorities. The court fined him approximately $300 and issued a three-year restraining order to prevent him from approaching the Cumberbatch family or their neighborhood. The case had initially been subjected to reporting restrictions, but the Daily Mail successfully challenged these restrictions, allowing the incident to be brought to public attention.

The intrusion left Benedict Cumberbatch, his wife Sophie, and their children traumatized and fearful for their safety. A source close to the family revealed that they had endured sleepless nights following the incident, with concerns of being targeted again. The terror they experienced was unimaginable, as they feared for their physical well-being during the attack.

The motive behind Bissell’s actions remains unclear. He did not offer any defense during the court proceedings. However, Bissell’s previous criminal record, including theft, property offenses, a public order offense, and a drug offense, suggests a history of anti-social behavior. In 2015, he was photographed being arrested during protests against military intervention in Syria in central London.




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