Sean Bean Thrown Out Of Bar

Hello everyone! Gather around for some fresh celebrity news that’s bound to grab your attention. Today, we’re diving into a bit of drama featuring none other than former Game of Thrones star Sean Bean. The veteran actor has recently been spotted vaping outside a Turkish restaurant in Liverpool, just days after a rather eventful night at a local pub. So, let’s get into the details of what’s been happening with Mr. Bean lately!

Sean Bean, who you might know as Ned Stark from Game of Thrones or Boromir from The Lord of the Rings, is currently in Liverpool filming a new BBC drama titled *This City is Ours*. However, it seems like filming isn’t the only thing keeping him busy. Last Friday night, Bean found himself in a bit of a scuffle at the Tom Thumb pub in Liverpool. What was the fuss about? Well, it turns out that Sean was using his vape inside the bar, and when the staff asked him to stop, things got heated.

Witnesses say that Sean was reluctant to put his vape away and insisted that he could do as he pleased. This didn’t sit well with the bar’s security, and the situation escalated quickly.

Security staff had to physically remove Bean from the pub, and there are even reports of a struggle where the actor had a hand around his throat. Despite the altercation, Sean Bean seemed to be in good spirits just days later, as he was seen enjoying a meal with his co-stars Stephen Walters and James Nelson-Joyce.

Now, this isn’t the first time Sean Bean has found himself in a bit of bar-related trouble. Over his long career, the actor has had multiple run-ins at pubs and bars. One notable incident was back in 2011 when he was stabbed outside a London pub during an argument over a glamour model. But Sean, ever the trooper, declined a hospital visit and instead walked back into the bar, patched himself up, and ordered another drink.

Sean’s latest project, *This City is Ours*, is an eight-part series being filmed in Liverpool over 14 weeks. Bean plays Ronnie Phelan, a gang leader mentoring the lead character Michael, portrayed by James Nelson-Joyce. Despite his recent pub altercation, Bean is focused on his work and seems to be enjoying his time on set.

Bean’s career, spanning over four decades, has seen him take on a variety of roles from James Bond villain in *Goldeneye* to the heroic Boromir in *The Lord of the Rings*. He’s also known for his role in the BBC1 drama *Time* and of course, as Ned Stark in HBO’s *Game of Thrones*.

Alongside his professional achievements, Bean has also been in the spotlight for his personal life, having been married five times and currently living with his fifth wife, Ashley Moore, in Somerset.

So, what do you think about vaping indoors? Should it be allowed or not? Let us know your thoughts!

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