Schwarzenegger Humiliated, Gets Detained At Airport After Incident

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic actor and former Governor of California, faced a three-hour detention at Munich Airport on Wednesday. The incident occurred when customs officials discovered a custom-made Audemars Piguet wristwatch, valued at $21,000, in the actor’s suitcase. The 76-year-old star had failed to declare the luxury timepiece upon arriving in Germany from Los Angeles, prompting the authorities to take action.

Initially, Schwarzenegger, known for his roles in “Terminator” and “Commando,” was reportedly cooperative and amicable with officials.

However, as the investigation prolonged, his demeanor allegedly shifted towards agitation. Munich Customs press officer Thomas Meister stated that the actor did not declare the imported product, emphasizing that the declaration process applies universally.

The German tabloid, Bild, reported that criminal tax proceedings have been initiated, as the watch should have been registered as an import.

A spokesperson for the main customs office in Munich confirmed the initiation of these proceedings and highlighted the requirement for registration. Schwarzenegger purportedly explained that the watch was intended for donation to the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative and slated for auction.

A source close to the actor informed CNN that Schwarzenegger was detained for traveling with a watch he owned, meant for auction at a charity event in Kitzbuhel, Austria.

Despite the actor’s claim that he was never asked to fill out a declaration form, he allegedly cooperated with customs officers, characterizing the situation as an “incompetent shakedown” and a “comedy of errors.”

According to the insider, Schwarzenegger agreed to pre-pay potential taxes on the watch, but the officers struggled to process the payment.

The actor was escorted to a bank to withdraw cash from an ATM, only to face challenges due to low withdrawal limits and the bank’s closure. After resolving these issues, Schwarzenegger was eventually permitted to leave the airport.

The incident at Munich Airport involving Arnold Schwarzenegger’s detained luxury watch has triggered criminal tax proceedings, with the actor asserting the charitable purpose of the timepiece.

Daily Wire