‘Reacher’ Actor Alan Ritchson Speaks Out on Faith-Based Films

Actor Alan Ritchson, best known for his roles in “Reacher” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” recently spoke out about the importance of faith-based films in Hollywood. In a recent interview, the 40-year-old actor emphasized the significance of supporting faith-based movies and how they could serve as a new “pulpit” for those who might not typically step foot in a church. Ritchson shared his own Christian faith and expressed his desire to be a part of stories that honor Christ.

According to Christian Headlines, Ritchson is set to star in the upcoming faith-based film “Ordinary Angels,” which he described as a story of how God uses broken and dysfunctional people to do His work. The actor said that it was essential to remember that God expresses himself through those who don’t necessarily look like the “perfect Christians” and those who struggle to follow the rules.

Ritchson also addressed the challenges that faith-based films face in Hollywood, as some studio executives are only focused on the bottom line. Nevertheless, he emphasized that it was crucial to support such movies as they could still provide a way for people to hear the name of Christ. The actor said that when Christians support faith-based movies, it sends an essential message to Hollywood, and a groundswell kind of takes place that could change things in a real meaningful way.

The actor’s upcoming movie, “Ordinary Angels,” is set to hit theaters on Oct. 13. With this film and the success of the surprise hit movie “Jesus Revolution,” it seems that faith-based films are starting to gain more attention in Hollywood. As Alan Ritchson says, it matters that these films get supported. And for those who might not typically step foot in a church, it could be a way to have that crucial conversation about Christ.


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