Prince Harry May Face Embarrassing Leak

Party girl Carrie Royale is threatening to sell never-before-seen photos of Prince Harry in the nude at a Las Vegas party on her OnlyFans site.

Carrie Royale adds, “I have poolside pictures of before the night and shots of Harry in the buff”. Carrie, a 52-year-old dominatrix turned film producer, claims she kissed the Prince on that night of the infamous party, 9 years ago.

Photos of him naked with a woman made the rounds online in 2012, after a game of strip billiards in his suite at the Sterling Club in the Wynn hotel.

The Prince’s spokesperson confirmed that he would not comment on this situation. In his book “Spare”, Harry had previously expressed regret over the snapshots taken that night.

But according to Carrie, who had been invited to the upper east suite of the Las Vegas hotels claimed that night that Harry was a “bloody idiot” and married life with Meghan Markle has changed him. “I think Meghan sucked the life out of him, he is definitely boring and she is wearing the pants for sure.”

Carrie says she plans on outing even more pictures, videos, and statements about Harry’s wild Vegas party. She says she has “additional material” to post on OnlyFans and social media.

Last week, in an interview with Dax Shepherd, the host had mentioned to Harry that “he was the only royal he had ever known” after he saw pictures of the now-Duke of Sussex having a party at the Sterling Club, “and I said to myself, this guy’s a party.”

However, any explicit pictures used on OnlyFans needs to have consent from all parties photographed according to a spokesperson for the fansite.

Carrie is hoping there will be a lot of interest in this matter, but maintains that she will not post the pictures unless she receives something in return.

In an effort to out the Duchess of Sussex, Carrie adds, “If she wants to see her husband back in his glory days then she’ll have to subscribe and pay. I’ll let you know if she does.” Carrie claims the hopes to make a large sum of money for her company via this online marketing platform.

The Sun US