Real Life Power Rangers Save The Day When A Woman Is Chased

A team of restaurant staffers dressed as the ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers saved the day and possibly life of one woman who was screaming for help.

Dressed as Power Rangers, the employees of Noka Ramen in Oakland, California became real life heroes after a woman ran into the restaurant yelling for help around 8 p.m. Reportedly, a man who had been chasing the woman ran after her into the restaurant and put the woman in a chokehold.

The restaurant servers dress up as the late 90’s heroes every Friday to promote their signature cocktail, called “The Noka Rangers.”

A customer that evening- Ploi Pirapoken, witnessed the frightening event, and documented it in a Twitter post that went viral on Oct. 14.

According to Pirapoken, two of the employees dressed as the Black Ranger and the Yellow Ranger approached the man and told him to leave. The man refused and began throwing punches and according to Pirapoken, the Yellow Ranger blocked.

The terrified woman was taken to safety in the kitchen while the man started yelling Asian slurs. The crazed man wasn’t giving up and ran towards the woman again, but the Yellow Ranger grabbed him by his collar and dragged him out of the restaurant. The man clearly on a sinister mission,  returned with a friend to try and force their way inside but were unable to gain access back into the restaurant.

Pirapoken said, “All of the servers, slash Power Rangers were moving towards the scene to help one another out. The patrons started getting involved in a way that was supporting and making sure everyone was safe.”

The customers inside were told by the Pink Ranger that they would not be charged for their meals.

According to Oakland Police Department spokesperson, Officer Darryl Rodgers, the man was taken into custody. Rodgers characterized the incident as a domestic dispute that involved a man physically assaulting a woman. The incident remains under investigation, Rodgers said.

Noka Ramen also posted about the incident on Instagram, where they hailed the staff as “real life heroes” for “going above and beyond in our time of need.”


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