Officer Caught on Camera Striking Handcuffed Woman in Face!

In a recent incident in Loveland, Colorado, a police officer has been fired following the release of disturbing body camera footage. The video shows Officer Russell Maranto, a 28-year-old member of the police force, striking a handcuffed woman in the face after she spat on him. The incident has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the appropriate use of force by law enforcement officials.

Officers detained Angelia Hall, a 58-year-old woman, after finding her wandering in traffic. Body camera footage reveals Hall hurling insults and curses at the officers while being held down inside a hospital. In response to having a piece of paper taken away, she directed profanity-laden remarks at Officer Maranto, questioning his authority and accusing him of instigation.

The situation escalated when Hall spat on Maranto’s chest, an action she repeated during her time at the hospital. In a moment of impulse, Officer Maranto swiftly punched her in the face. This led to further distress and verbal outcry from Hall, who demanded video evidence of the incident and expressed her inability to protect herself against such use of force.

The Loveland Police Department responded promptly to the incident, and Officer Maranto was terminated from his position three days later stating that the “officer responded with inappropriate use of force by striking the female in the face, causing minor injuries to her face.” The video footage reveals Maranto attempting to justify his actions by claiming he was trying to push Hall’s face away.

As of now, the Larimer County District Attorney’s office is still evaluating whether criminal charges should be brought against Maranto. This incident has raised questions about the accountability and training of law enforcement officers, as well as the appropriate response to challenging situations.

New York Post


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