INSANE VIDEO Captures Off Duty Cop Protect His Family Against Crazed Motorist On His FRONT YARD!

Off-duty police officer Jack Brown in Decatur, Alabama, was intentionally hit by a car in front of his home.

Officer Brown noticed a man approaching his police vehicle parked at his home. According to police, the man, identified as 54-year-old Gregory Martin Hill, sped away as Brown approached.  Hill then hit a car and a mailbox.  Then Hill made his first attempt to run over Brown before hitting a tree.

Browns Ring doorbell video footage picked up the altercation.

As you can see in the footage, Brown, visibly shaken, runs toward his home, calls the police, and throws down his phone.  Inside, Brown tells his family to get to safety and then grabs his weapon.  As Brown is inside, Hill gets out of his car and walks towards the home.  Hill later turns around and slowly walks back to his vehicle.

Brown then returns outside with weapon in hand telling Hill to put his hands up.  Hill refuses. As Brown approaches the driver’s side of the Jeep, Hill can be seen backing away.  Hill then accelerates towards Brown again.  Brown fired at the vehicle as Hill continued towards him.

Brown was struck by the vehicle.  Despite being hit, Brown and one other witness were able to get control of Hill.  Officers arrived and placed Hill under arrest.

Brown was taken to the hospital but, thankfully was released later that night.




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