Not Kids But Parents Are Behind A Disturbing New Trend On TikTok

There is a new trend on TikTok and it is so disturbing that the social media company is warning users.

The trend is called “fightprank” and it has over 24.8 million views. It usually involves parents asking their children to “put their shoes on” because they have to “fight another parent” and want backup. The “adult” then films the reaction of their child.

Some kids immediately hop up to fight for their parent others want their parents to fight it out themselves.

“I love this trend all these kids really be down to fight for their mamas,” one user wrote.

“Soon as u said fight mommy he got right up,” another commented.

Below is a video of a mother telling her daughter to put her shoes on because she is going to fight another mom and wants her daughter there to back her up in case the other mother’s daughter tries to “jump her.”

@prettybrown.cls She wanted to know the ☕️ 🐸 🤣🤣 #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #onlydaughter #justforfun #like #share #viral #repost ♬ original sound – Lashawnda

Presented without comment.

@beautybyespeWITH NO HESITATION !! 🤗 my baby gonna ride for his mama 🫡♬ original sound – Esperanza Galindo

In the video below one mom is upset that her daughter didn’t want to fight but noted she almost got suspended in kindergarten for punching another child.

@melaniedealba4 “Idk how to fight” Coming from the girl that got nearly suspended in kindergarten for punching a girl in the face 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂😂 #fight #fightprank #joke #fyp ♬ original sound – Melanie DeAlba

Is this a skit or terrible mothering?” a user commented.

“This trend is reinforcing fighting when we have issues to kids. we should be teaching them how to use our words and communicate effectively,” a TikToker added.

TikTok has started to put warning labels on the videos.


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