New Twists In Texas Love Triangle Murder Involving Yoga Instructor Gone Mad

There are some new twists in the Texas love triangle murder case involving suspect Kaitlin Armstrong, who fled to Costa Rica after being accused of murdering a pro-cyclist.

Armstrong has been accused by police of murdering Moriah “Mo” Wilson, 25, after she went out with Armstrong’s boyfriend, Colin Strickland, 35.

Kaitlin Armstrong

According to a police affidavit, Armstong had split up with Strickland in the fall of 2021. During that period, Strickland became involved with Wilson but soon got back together with Armstrong.

When Armstrong found out about the relationship in January of 2022, she “became furious and was shaking in anger” despite the fact the two had broken up.

Anna Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson

On May 11, 2022, Wilson was in town for a professional cycling race, and she met up with Strickland, who was reportedly back with Armstrong. When Wilson returned to her friend’s home where she was staying, security camera footage showed a black Jeep pull-up shortly before the shooting.

On May 13, Armstrong deleted her social media accounts after meeting with police, sold her black Jeep, and fled. While searching her home, investigators claimed they discovered a 9mm handgun whose shell casings were similar to those found in the home where Wilson was killed.

Here’s where things get even crazier, Armstrong, a yoga instructor, attempted to alter her appearance and start a new life during the 43 days she evaded law enforcement.

The 34-year-old fugitive used the name “Ari” and had started a relationship with Teal Oceans Akerson, a surf instructor.

“Ari was a strange person,” Teal Oceans Akerson said. “I met her right outside the tattoo shop, Good Life Tattoos, and her friends were getting tattooed, so she was waiting out there on the bench.”

After exchanging numbers, the two when on a few dates, but because she altered her appearance so much, he had no idea who was sitting across from him. Armstrong had dyed, cut her hair, and there are reports she paid $6,000 for a nose job.

“She said that she had just been through a real traumatizing breakup, and she hadn’t healed from it yet and wasn’t ready to get close at all,” he said. “So we were just being friends.”

“I didn’t put any of it together – you wouldn’t imagine it,” Akerson added. “But after it all happened … you hear what she was really doing and running from, it made sense that she didn’t want to be seen.”

Armstrong had also started instructed at a yoga retreat and even worked at the front desk.

Kaitlin Armstrong made her first court appearance on July 20, 2022, in what is expected to be a wild trial.

Police escort Kaitlin Armstrong after being captured. (ABC 13)


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