Netflix Star Fights For Her Life, Hospitalized

In a recent Instagram post, Ashley Park, renowned for her role in “Emily in Paris,” opened up about a harrowing health experience that led to her hospitalization over the holidays. The actor shared a series of photos detailing her ordeal, which included “excruciating pain” and “critical septic shock” during a New Year’s Eve vacation.

Initially diagnosed with tonsillitis, the inflammation progressed, resulting in septic shock that affected multiple organs. Despite initial grim prognoses, Park expressed gratitude for her improved health in the caption, assuring followers she’s on the path to recovery.

Park, known for her Tony-nominated role in the original Broadway production of Mean Girls, acknowledged her recent absence from premieres and events.

She thanked co-star and partner Paul Forman for unwavering support throughout the ordeal, spanning multiple hospitals and a week in the ICU. Forman reciprocated the sentiment on his Instagram, pledging to stand by Park “no matter what.”

The actor also extended her gratitude to the medical professionals, including doctors and ICU nurses, who played a crucial role in her recovery.

Additionally, she acknowledged the staff at the Maldives’ wellness resort, Joali Being, for their swift response and support, providing essential language translations during her medical emergency.

Despite her health struggles, Park’s co-star Lily Collins confirmed the return of “Emily in Paris” Season 4 by sharing a photo of the script.

Production, previously halted due to Hollywood strikes, is set to resume. Park, eager to rejoin the cast, commented on Collins’ post, expressing her excitement about the upcoming season.

As Ashley Park continues her recovery journey, fans and colleagues rally around her, emphasizing the significance of health and support during challenging times.

The revelation of her health battle adds a personal touch to the actor’s public image, reminding audiences of the vulnerability that transcends the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

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