More Bad News For Brady: Gisele Spotted & What She Didn’t Have With Her Is A Terrible Sign

Gisele Bündchen was seen without her wedding ring. The sighting backs up rumors that she and her husband of 13 years, Tom Brady, are headed toward divorce.

The 42-year-old mother of two is reportedly living with friends in the city, separate from Brady, who is in his 23rd season of playing quarterback in the NFL.

Brady took an 11-day unscheduled break to work out some issues, sadly, it may look like the result of that did not work.

The couple has allegedly been living apart for months after Brady decided to un-retire this summer.

New information has come out that Bündchen has reportedly been talking to a divorce lawyer for “weeks” as she and Brady go through marriage struggles, a source told PEOPLE.

The reason for the break up has everything to do about football. Gisele is tired of his football schedule that has Brady gone for almost six months of the year. Multiple reports indicate that Gisele has threatened to divorce Tom in the past but stuck by him, believing he would soon retire.

When Brady unretired, it was the last straw.

According to PEOPLE, they confirmed that both Bündchen and Brady have hired divorce lawyers.

A source close to the couple stated, “Gisele has been talking to a divorce lawyer for a while but, to my knowledge, has not filed anything and is still talking to Tom about their issues. This is not something that just happened today.”

They continued saying, “Many people talk to lawyers but don’t go through with it when the realities of money set in. But in this case, both sides have plenty, and it isn’t one-sided, so it could be a different situation.”

Divorce attorney Sue Moss, who is not connected to the couple, told PEOPLE that if the couple goes through with a divorce, they will have to work out their multimillion-dollar assets, such as multiple homes and other items.

Moss continued saying, “The big challenge for him is everything will be determined at the height of his income, because to get him to come back, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to come up with a lot of cash — and that is the baseline for determining the support in this case.”

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