Mom Gets A Super Sized Surprise When She See’s What In Her 2 Year Olds Hands

Texas mother of three, Kelsey Golden was shocked when a DoorDash driver showed up at her home.

The driver showed up with 31 McDonald’s cheeseburgers and she was charged $91.

Golden said she was working on a project on her computer and handed her two year old son, Barrett the phone so he could play with the camera.

“He likes looking at himself in the mirror,” she said on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “So I turned it on to the camera mode so he can look at himself.”

Golden said Barrett began to play with the phone like a normal kid pretending he was in a rollercoaster. Golden added she never thought twice when she saw a DoorDash notification pop up on her phone.

“I thought, ‘Oh I guess I ordered DoorDash,’” she said.

The total bill was $91 which included a $16 tip that Barrett gave the driver.

“We don’t actually like McDonald’s cheeseburgers here, not even Barrett,” Golden said.

The mother decided to get on her community Facebook page and offered food to anyone who wanted it.

“I posted on there if anybody wanted any burgers that they’re free and apparently my child knows how to order DoorDash,” she said.

A family of seven responded so Golden drove over and gave the burgers to them. What she had left was dropped off to neighbors on the way home.

Golden believes that the story only got attention because she posted it on social media.

“This thing has gone to where, like, he’s this genius child,” she said. “But he’s just a two-year-old. He’s a regular, normal two-year-old.”

You never something more expensive than Mcdonald’s could show up at your door.

Fox News


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