Mega Country Star Cancels Gig Last Second, Then THIS Happens!

Hey, it’s Julia Reynolds here, and I’m here to report on the latest celebrity news story. Country music star, Morgan Wallen, has recently set off a firestorm on social media after abruptly canceling his Mississippi concert. Fans were eagerly anticipating his “One Night at a Time World Tour” show at the Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, but were met with disappointment as they saw a message on the video screens saying that Wallen had “lost his voice.”

Concertgoers who had sat through the opening acts were understandably upset and headed to social media to express their frustration. One fan even demanded that the singer pay her nearly $4,000 in expenses after the show’s abrupt cancellation. Mandi Walker Nowlin, who attended the concert with her husband, took to Facebook to express her dissatisfaction and wished that Wallen would pay for everything from their outfits to gas. She even included an itemized bill that totaled a whopping $3,982.

While Nowlin hasn’t received any response from Wallen, her complaints have sparked outrage and led to two class-action lawsuits. The lawsuit is seeking compensation on behalf of all those affected, not just one person, and intends to ensure that the concertgoers are made whole.

However, a new video has emerged suggesting that Wallen did not lose his voice as the message had suggested but in fact, was so drunk that he was unable to perform on stage.  I’m sure more of this story will emerge in the coming days.

Dailywire | New York Post


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