McDonald’s Just Released a Game-Changing Menu Item – You Won’t Believe What It Is

McDonald’s is expanding its menu to include a new plant-based option, the McPlant Nuggets. This product is being co-developed with Beyond Meat, a California-based maker of plant-based meats. The McPlant Nuggets will be made primarily from peas, corn, and wheat with a tempura batter, and will be tested in Germany next week.

McDonald’s is also introducing the McPlant Burger in Germany. This follows a limited-time test at nine restaurants in the Stuttgart area. The McPlant Burger has already been a permanent menu item in some European markets since 2021. However, the U.S. test ended last summer without any plans for future sales.

The uniqueness of the McPlant Nuggets is that it is the first plant-based item ever to be offered by McDonald’s. The company is hoping that customers will be receptive to the new item and that it will be successful. The success of the McPlant Burger and Nuggets in Europe will be closely monitored in order to decide whether or not to expand the offering to other markets.

Beyond Meat has also co-developed plant-based items with other chains, such as KFC and Panda Express. In 2021, Beyond Meat began selling plant-based chicken in U.S. groceries.

The introduction of the McPlant Nuggets is part of McDonald’s commitment to sustainability. The company is making an effort to reduce its carbon footprint by using more plant-based proteins. This is in line with McDonald’s “Better World” pledge, which includes making the company more sustainable and responsible.

The McPlant Nuggets and Burger will be offered at more than 1,400 restaurants in Germany starting next week. The success of the items will be monitored to determine whether or not to roll out the items in other markets.

Of course, there are critics of the new move by Mcdonald’s with one Twitter user saying, “So McDonalds has plant based food now….. translation, they are woke, put more chemicals in their food, and is now worse for you.”

However, there are some excited about the prospect.

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