Marie Osmond reveals her secret to staying fit and healthy at 64

Las Vegas entertainer Marie Osmond, known for her career as a singer and performer with her brother Donny, has announced that she is taking some time to focus on herself.

The 64-year-old artist shared in an interview on “Fox & Friends” that she wants to live life to the fullest and do “crazy things.”

After performing regularly at the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas for 11 years, the Osmond siblings ended their successful run in 2019.

This has given Marie the opportunity to explore some of her wildest dreams, such as skydiving, climbing Mount Sinai in Egypt and even making an appearance on the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Marie shared that from the young age of three, she had to be careful not to break any bones or put herself at risk due to her contractual obligations. However, now she feels free to do the things she has always wanted to do.

Along with her exciting adventures, Marie is also continuing her partnership with diet company Nutrisystem by designing a new program called “Complete 50.”

This program is specifically targeted towards women over 50 who struggle with losing weight and keeping it off. She explained that as women age, their bodies go through significant hormonal changes that make weight loss a challenge.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is crucial for Marie, who has a family history of heart disease. She lost her mother and grandmother to the disease and understands the importance of taking care of one’s health.

Marie shared that she struggled with her weight as a child but has been able to maintain it for years, which has given her the opportunity to have a fulfilling career.

Marie expressed her gratitude for her success and support from her fans, especially as a female artist who has been consistently working in the industry for over six decades. She also mentioned her plans to prioritize spending time with her family, including her grandchildren, and making sure they know their grandmother.

Fox News