Maid of Honor Gets Banned From Wedding, Did She Deserve The Demotion?

Maid of Honor, Lauren, was demoted from her duties when she confronted her friend’s expensive cost for the bachelorette party.

Lauren said she is glad she is not part of the wedding anymore after the snide move and actions of the bride.

Lauren, who goes by lobro15 on TikTok, posted a video that went viral regarding the drama from her friends’ wedding in June.

Apparently, the bridezilla was expecting EACH bridesmaid to pay $1000 for the bachelorette party.  When Lauren expressed her concern about the cost, she was booted not only from the wedding but the bride blocked Lauren’s number and blocked Lauren from all of her social media accounts.

@lobro15 Good Lord almighty, do not cross a bride (even in a kind, respectful manner within reason) or else ☠️😂 #weddingtok #maidofhonor #bridesmaid #weddingdrama #bridezilla #weddingtiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Millennial32

Another mutual friend of Laurens and the bride sent Lauren a screenshot of the bride’s post showing her standing between balloons that read “1K” and the bride’s caption saying, “Thankful for my friends who spent 1k+ to be at my Bach.”

In an updated video, you can see Lauren’s response.  She said, “So while I do find this hilarious, I have to say I’m slightly confused because you did switch locations and you did drive somewhere to save money on the flight costs, which was $400 to $500.”

When Lauren originally confronted the bride, she said, “[I told her] it might be out of budget where she wants to go,” Lauren explained. “She tells me that if people were her friends, they would be willing to spend this amount of money to spend time with her.”

Lauren went on to say that the two argued about the party and then the bride asked her if she wanted to step down as the maid of honor. The bride followed up by eventually blocking her number and social media accounts.

Many comments from followers were divided. Some found the cost crazy while others were saying that the cost wasn’t too unreasonable for average bachelorette parties now.

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