Loved Ones Shocked, Police Search After Texas Mom Of 2 Vanishes Into Thin Air

Christina Lee Powell, 39, known as “Chrissy,” was last seen wearing dark pants and a long-sleeved shirt as she rushed out of her San Antonio home around 10:34 am. Footage from the family’s doorbell camera shows the blonde-haired mother of two claiming she was running late for work, carrying her purse, but didn’t take her cell phone or her Apple Watch with her.

Screenshot of doorbell camera footage.

“She left out of here in a rush,” her mother, who lives with her, Claudia Mobley, recalled when reached by phone.

That same morning Powell called her employer and informed them she would be late. However, hours later, an employee arrived at the Austin woman’s home to ensure she was ok because she never showed up for work.

“My grandson answered the door, and the lady said, ‘Is your mom here?’” Claudia Mobley, Chrissy’s mother, 70, who lives with her, said. “He said, ‘No, she’s at work’ … He went and checked, and of course, she wasn’t here.”

Mobley then discovered that her daughter left her cell phone on the bathroom counter and left her Apple Watch at home as well.

“We didn’t really have any kind of in-depth conversation. It was basically, ‘Good morning.’ She told me she was late,” she recalled. “Then, she was leaving for work and I told her to be careful. And I probably told her, ‘I love you.’”

Mobley did see her daughter drive away in her black 2020 Nissan Rogue which has the license plate PYJ 8564.
Powell’s mother reported her missing to the San Antonio Police Department on July 6, but it took almost three days for her to be declared missing.

Mobley said that she stays in touch with police but that none of the public’s tips have worked out.

“When I talked to the Missing Persons officer this morning, she said there were no updates — that they had some tips, people saying they thought they saw her at a gas station … that they had checked it out, and it wasn’t her. Wasn’t her car,” Mobley said.

Family members have been able to check Mobley’s bank account and found no activity since Powell disappeared, but they cannot access her credit card data.

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