Legendary Comedian And Sinatra Opener Passes Away at 93

It has been confirmed that renowned stand-up comedian Pat Cooper, known for his fearless humor and unapologetic take on his Italian-American heritage, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 93. His long-time producer and writing partner, Steve Garrin, confirmed Cooper’s demise, noting the comedian’s significant contributions to the world of comedy. Let’s take a moment to remember the life and career of this beloved comic who left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Born Pasquale Caputo in Brooklyn, New York, Pat Cooper rose to fame through his exceptional delivery and audacious comedic style. His successful career took off when he had the opportunity to open for the legendary Frank Sinatra at the Sands in Las Vegas. Cooper’s witty observations and his ability to fearlessly poke fun at his Italian-American background resonated with audiences across the nation.

Cooper’s talent for roasting was unparalleled, as evident by his involvement with the prestigious Friars Club. At these events, comedians would deliver their most hilarious and often controversial jokes, targeting one another in a light-hearted manner. Cooper’s reputation as a roast-master grew, and he became a key figure in these uproarious gatherings, showcasing his quick wit and sharp tongue.

One of the most memorable moments in Cooper’s career came unexpectedly when he received a phone call from Larry David. Cooper’s nonchalant response to the call resulted in him landing a guest spot on the hit sitcom “Seinfeld.” His scene on the show was entirely improvised, showcasing his natural comedic talent.

Another noteworthy incident occurred during the Jerry Lewis roast at the Friars Club. Cooper, entrusted with an important announcement regarding guest Robert De Niro, skillfully managed to turn the situation on its head, provoking laughter from the audience.

In addition to his stand-up success, Pat Cooper made his mark on various entertainment mediums. Fans adored his appearances on “The Howard Stern Show,” where his unfiltered humor thrived in the radio format. Cooper’s comedic prowess also extended to the silver screen, where he shared the screen with acclaimed actors such as Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal in the popular films “Analyze This” (1999) and its sequel “Analyze That” (2002).

Pat Cooper’s comedic talent, uncompromising honesty, and commitment to helping others have left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. His unique voice and ability to bring laughter to countless individuals will be remembered for years to come. Cooper is survived by his wife, Emily Conner, as well as his two daughters and one son, who can take pride in the immense impact their beloved husband and father had on the comedy landscape.

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