Lainey Wilson Answers Question About Work Ethic

Country singer Lainey Wilson recently opened up about the work ethic instilled in her by her farming ancestors, crediting them for her success. The 31-year-old Grammy winner shared her thoughts in an interview with Fox News Digital ahead of the 2024 ACM Awards, expressing deep gratitude for her family’s influence.

Wilson humorously acknowledged her parents’ significant role, stating, “They’re the ones to blame for all of this,” and emphasizing their unwavering support from the very beginning.

Wilson explained that her strong work ethic stems from her heritage, with both sides of her family coming from long lines of farmers. She admired their dedication, noting how they “rolled their sleeves up” and worked hard through both good and bad years. Despite the challenges, her ancestors loved what they did, and this attitude was passed down through generations. Wilson highlighted the relentless spirit of her family, saying, “They got up and they did it again,” a mindset that has greatly influenced her own career.

The singer shared that her father’s example of hard work, not just for himself but for the family, has always inspired her. “My daddy has always tried to remind me that he worked really hard, but he’s not just working hard for himself. He’s working hard for me and my sister and my mama and my sister’s kids and one day my kids,” Wilson said. This perspective has kept her grounded and motivated to pursue her dreams with the same determination.

Lainey Wilson also spoke about the importance of understanding that hard work is a part of life. She believes that when you take yourself out of the equation and focus on the bigger picture, it makes working hard much easier. This philosophy has helped her manage the pressures of her rising career while staying true to her roots. Wilson’s humility and strong work ethic are clearly reflected in her music and her approach to life.

Her song “Hang Tight Honey” is a testament to her upbringing and her connection to her small town of Baskin, Louisiana. Wilson shared that her identity today is deeply rooted in the place and the people who raised her.

“It’s always important to tip your hat to those people, and it’s very important for me to remember where I come from,” she said. This connection to her origins keeps her grounded amid the whirlwind of her evolving career.

Despite the significant changes in her life, Wilson remains committed to staying true to herself. She emphasized the importance of remembering where she comes from, even as her life changes dramatically. “During this crazy time, my life has changed, and I feel like I’m not like I’m not changing, but my life is, if that makes any sense at all,” Wilson mused. Her dedication to her roots helps her maintain a sense of normalcy and authenticity.

Wilson finds solace in writing music that reflects her journey and experiences. This process not only allows her to stay connected to her past but also enables her to relate to her fans on a deeper level. “At the end of the day, in order for me to be able to tell the kind of stories that I’m supposed to tell and relate to my fans, I got to keep living as normal of a life as I possibly can,” she explained. Her music serves as a reminder of her journey and the values that have shaped her.

Keeping her loved ones close is a priority for Wilson. She cherishes the support of her family and friends, especially those from Baskin. “That’s why I keep my people close and that’s why I keep the people of Baskin, my town of 200 people, close,” Wilson stated. This tight-knit community has played a crucial role in her development and continues to be a source of strength and inspiration.

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