Kim Kardashian’s Epic Wardrobe Malfunction Caught on Camera!

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian suffered a hilarious wardrobe malfunction in the upcoming episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu. The incident took place in February while the star was getting ready to speak at the iConnections Global Alts Conference in Miami. Kardashian was dressed in a revealing latex bralette and matching pants when she realized that her pants had ripped.

In a preview of the episode, Kardashian is seen horrified as she realizes her pants are split in multiple areas. “My whole butt is out,” she exclaims in a confessional. She also mentions that the latex material was stuck to her skin and it was very uncomfortable. “It hurts so bad,” she admits, while struggling to fix her pants.

Kim Kardashian had a wardrobe malfunction just before appearing at the iConnections conference in Miami. (Hulu)

The incident left the star feeling mortified, especially since she had to appear on stage in front of a large audience. To cover up the embarrassing mishap, Kardashian wore a long blazer that concealed her derrière. “I just was dying inside sitting up on stage, like, feeling a breeze, in my a–,” she confesses.

But that’s not all that the upcoming episode has in store for fans. The preview also features confessional shots of the sisters discussing their teenage antics. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, who are only 1.5 years apart, used to call a hotline for fun when they were teenagers. According to younger sister Khloé, the Century City Mall was a regular hangout spot for the Kardashian sisters.

“We would talk to these guys, we would be like, 15. And they would be like, ‘Okay. Yah. Meet me at Blockbuster . . . at the mall.’ And we’d see the poor guy, and we’d stand him up and we’d take a Polaroid,” Khloé reveals.

The sisters even call the hotline during the episode, pretending to be a woman named Samantha and hanging up on an unsuspecting man named Chris. This was a fun and mischievous activity for the sisters, and they even have a book of Polaroids of the men they stood up at the mall.

The upcoming episode is sure to be filled with laughs, as the sisters share their hilarious and embarrassing moments from the past. Fans can catch the full episode on Hulu next week.

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