Kate Middleton Becomes The Center Of A Royal Controversy

The British Royal family is no stranger to public scrutiny, but the recent controversy surrounding a Mother’s Day photograph of the Princess of Wales has taken a toll on Kate Middleton’s well-being.

According to innamed insiders, the duchess has struggled to deal with the aftermath of the photo row and is currently focused on her recovery from major abdominal surgery. Sources within the palace have expressed concern over the negative impact of constant rumors and conspiracy theories on Kate’s mental and physical health.

The controversy began when Kensington Palace released the first photo of Kate since her surgery in January. The picture quickly sparked controversy as six top picture agencies, including the Press Association, pulled the photo from their wires and libraries due to concerns that it had been digitally manipulated.

The criticism led Kate to publicly take the blame for the confusion and issue an apology through the Prince and Princess of Wales’ Instagram account.

While the palace has insisted they will not be reissuing the original, unedited photograph, new details have emerged about the photo shoot.

The Prince of Wales reportedly took the picture on a £2,900 Canon camera, and Kate made sixteen separate edits to improve the photo’s quality before it was released to the public. Despite these efforts, royal expert Jennie Bond claims that the Princess must still be feeling pressured and miserable amid the photo controversy.

Bond also warned against further pressuring Kate, stating that she is still recovering from a major surgery and may be in a fragile state. Meanwhile, royal expert Angela Levin has praised the duchess for being honorable, and Whoopi Goldberg has urged the public to show restraint and remember that Kate is an amateur photographer, not a professional.

However, sources within the palace have expressed concern over the toll this situation is taking on Kate, and are urging the public to give her space to recover without overwhelming scrutiny.

Many are calling for the original, unedited photo to be published to put an end to the rumors surrounding its authenticity. However, the palace has stood firm in their decision not to do so, which only adds fuel to the fire for conspiracy theorists.

As of now, Kate is recovering well and is expected to be back in public by Easter. But sources close to the royal family are worried about the negative impact all this attention and speculation may have on her well-being and are urging for the public to give her the space and peace she needs to focus on her health.

Daily Mail