Justin Timberlake Cuts Ties with Instagram Amid Britney Spears Drama!

Pop icon Justin Timberlake has taken the step of disabling comments on his Instagram profile in the wake of bombshell allegations made by Britney Spears in her recently released memoir, “The Woman in Me.” According to an exclusive report by Page Six, a source revealed that Timberlake made this decision due to the “hateful and disgusting things people were saying” on his social media page.

The memoir has ignited controversy and intense public interest since its release. In her book, Spears claims that Timberlake got her pregnant during their relationship in the early 2000s, and they chose to proceed with an abortion as he did not want to become a father. Additionally, Spears calls out Timberlake for appropriating a “blaccent” while interacting with the R&B singer Ginuwine. This particular detail became widely known thanks to actress Michelle Williams’ audiobook narration of Spears’ book.

Spears also reflects on Timberlake’s boy band, *NSYNC, describing them as a group of “white boys” who embraced hip-hop culture. She notes that they made an effort to associate with black artists, sometimes bordering on trying too hard to fit in.

The allegations don’t stop there. Timberlake is accused of cheating on Spears with “another celebrity” during their relationship. Spears herself admitted to an affair with dancer and choreographer Wade Robson. While these revelations have garnered significant media attention, Timberlake has not publicly addressed any of Spears’ claims.

According to the Daily Mail, a source close to Timberlake stated that he is “not at all happy” about the allegations but has not reached out to Spears to discuss the matter.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears has celebrated the release of her memoir as it climbs to the top of the best-seller lists. In a now-deleted nude Instagram post, she called her book “historic” and thanked her supportive fans. “The Woman in Me” has rapidly gained popularity, sitting at the pinnacle of both Amazon’s and Barnes and Noble’s best-sellers lists on its first day of release.

New York Post


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