Johnny Wactor’s Mom Asks For ‘God’s Help’

Ladies and gentlemen, today, we’re covering a deeply emotional story from downtown Los Angeles, where friends and family of the late actor Johnny Wactor gathered to seek justice for his tragic murder. At a heartfelt press conference held at the site of the crime, loved ones and community members came together, and the district attorney’s office has assured that there are promising leads in the case.

Micha Powers, a close friend and fellow actor, led the proceedings, joined by Wactor’s brother Grant, who traveled all the way from South Carolina. “Back home we’re all hurting, obviously,” Grant told the crowd, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. “We’re doing everything we can to try to stay busy and keep this in the forefront. Thank you all for being here and helping us keep this out there, so we can continue to press this issue. The main thing is just it was a senseless act of violence. He was 37 years old and would have turned 38 in August. It hurts deeply.”

Grant expressed the family’s desire for swift justice and highlighted Johnny’s deep connections in Los Angeles. “Me and my family, we don’t live here. But Johnny’s friends — Johnny has roots here. Johnny still has roots here and will continue to have roots here. We want it to be a safer city for them. We appreciate all the work that’s being done to find and capture all these people, but we hope that any available resources continue to be used.”

Johnny Wactor’s mother, Scarlett, could not attend the press conference but shared her sentiments via phone with Fox News Digital. Watching the livestream, she felt immense pride in Grant’s efforts. Scarlett was also moved by the presence of Bryan Barkley, the security guard who was with Johnny the night he was killed. She has personally thanked him for trying to save her son’s life.

At the press conference, Barkley briefly addressed the crowd, noting the dangerous conditions of the poorly lit street where the incident occurred. He emphasized that anyone working nearby could have been a victim.

Supporters of the #JusticeforJohnny movement marched to City Hall, showing their solidarity and demand for justice. According to a press release obtained by Fox News Digital, Johnny Wactor was confronted by three individuals in the early hours of May 25. After finishing a bartending shift, Johnny noticed the trio attempting to steal the catalytic converter from his car. When he confronted them, he was shot and killed.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call about an assault with a deadly weapon on Hope Street, where they found Johnny suffering from a gunshot wound. Despite the officers’ efforts, he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Scarlett Wactor deeply appreciates the ongoing efforts led by her son’s friends in Los Angeles to keep the case in the public eye. “It has been a team of people that have been doing things and keeping this going in the forefront,” she said. “They’re doing a fantastic job. I said, ‘They want us to be quiet and go away, and I just don’t think we should.’”

Scarlett will meet Micha and other friends at Johnny’s funeral, scheduled for Saturday in Summerville, South Carolina. Anita Joy, the co-worker Johnny protected during the attack, will also be attending and meeting Scarlett for the first time.

District Attorney’s Chief Deputy Joseph Iniguez stated at the press conference that the investigation is active and there are several leads. Scarlett remains hopeful, though the process feels slow. Councilmember Kevin de Leon, who has been in touch with Scarlett, echoed the sentiment that the case is progressing in the right direction.

As the #JusticeforJohnny movement grows, Scarlett is asking everyone to continue to pray for justice. “I really do think justice is coming. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later. And I think God’s help is what they’re going to need.” Johnny Wactor’s tragic death has left a void in many lives, but his family and friends are determined to see justice served and ensure his legacy endures.

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