Jennifer Garner Reveals She Doesn’t Let Her Kids Do This- Watch!

Jennifer Garner is speaking out about her parenting style, particularly when it comes to her kids and social media. The 50-year-old “13 Going on 30” actress, who shares three children-Violet,17, Seraphina, 14, and Samuel, 11- with ex-husband Ben Affleck, recently appeared on the “TODAY” show to discuss her approach to keeping her kids offline.

“I just said to my kids, ‘Tell me — show me the articles that prove that social media is good for teenagers, and then we’ll have the conversation,” the “13 Going on 30” actress explained.

“But find scientific evidence that matches what I have that says that it’s not good for teenagers, and then we’ll chat.”

Garner explained that she has asked her children to show her “articles that prove that social media is good for teenagers” in order to have a conversation about it. She added that her eldest child is grateful for the rule, though her other two still need to be convinced. The actress also admitted that her children think she’s “extra,” which she believes is a fact.

“My eldest is grateful,” Garner revealed when asked how her children feel about the rule. “And we’ll see. It’s a long haul. I have a couple more to go, so just knock on wood. We’ll see if I really hang in there.”

Garner has previously shared other aspects of her parenting style, including tips for staying organized. She told People magazine that she and her family are “big on having everything packed the night before,” with clothes laid out and backpacks and computers by the door. Additionally, phones are also kept in their chargers so that she knows her children aren’t going to their rooms at night.

“We’re big on having everything packed the night before,” she previously told People magazine. “Clothes are laid out. The backpack’s by the door. Backpacks with computers, there’s a charging station by the door. Backpacks, computers, everything’s already in there and charged for the bigger kids.”

“Phones are already in their charger so that I know they aren’t going to their rooms at night,” she continued. “And yeah, just tons of alarms go off just in time to think about going to the bus.”

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