It’s Raining Money! No Really, Interstate Shuts Down During Chaos

Ohio, drivers got an early Christmas present after money spilled out onto Interstate 71, according to reports.

ABC station WHIO reported that chaos ensued when money started flying through the air and drivers were seen pulling over to grab whatever they could from the interstate.

Warren County Sheriff’s deputies and State Police responded to the scene because traffic was almost at a standstill due to the cash grab.

It is not fully known how the money ended up flying on the interstate, however, county dispatchers said they received multiple reports of a backpack filled with cash being thrown from a vehicle.

Video obtained from the Ohio Department of Transportation captured people scrambling on the highway, including law enforcement, in an attempt to catch the cash.

As a result of the incident, the highway was closed for cleanup.

According to the New York Post, “a sergeant said that the department has not received reports of nearby companies missing money.”

This isn’t the first time cash has flown to freedom on a highway.

On Friday, Nov. 18th, A serious amount of dough fell from an armored truck and littered the freeway in Carlsbad, CA. Again, seeing the cash flying several drivers pulled over and started scooping it up.

California Highway Patrol Officer Jim Bettencourt said, “For whatever reason, money was falling out of an armored car. It was free-floating bills all over the freeway.”

According to CHP Sgt. Curtis Martin, “One of the doors popped open and bags of cash fell out. One of the bags broke apart, and there was cash all over the lanes.”

Martin said the California Highway Patrol is working with the FBI to investigate and recover as much cash as possible.

Martin stated, “I highly suggest to anybody that picked up cash out here — it’s not your cash, so turn it in immediately to the CHP office in Vista.”

According to Martin, some heeded his advice, and by mid-afternoon, approximately a dozen people handed over their collected cash.

Martin wouldn’t say how much was collected or how much money flew off the truck.


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