It Was The Worst Mistake Of His Career But What He Did Next Is What Counted The Most – What Do You Think?

Probably the worst moment in a photographer’s career happened to Justin Gummow,35 when all of the pictures captured on a couples wedding day were accidentally erased.

Gummow broke down in tears in a Tik Tok video explaining what happened to the images.

Gummow was hired to capture the couple’s beautiful day in California. He delivered that promise as he took hundreds of images of the bride, groom, and guests.

However, as he sat down to transfer the photos, he became ‘panicked’ as he realized the memory card had become “corrupted,” and deleted or had ruined all the images.

Gummow described the devastating moment saying, “My card didn’t just get copied over, it got cut and copied over — so the card was erased.”

The TikTok video has had over 17 million views with many viewers showing support and understanding for the devasted photographer.

Gummow said the incident is “the worst thing that can happen to a photographer.” He also said that in an effort to restore the corrupted card he sent it out to try and save the photos, however, the photos returned heavily pixelated.

Gummow described his feelings at that moment and said, “Resigned, I sat there and I cried for a minute, and I said, ‘This is the worst. This sucks.’ I had to call the bride and let her know that all those memories from her day that she paid a professional photographer to take, were gone. That sucked.”

Shockingly, the couple was “completely understanding and forgiving” with Gummow saying in a follow-up video, “They were the kindest, most gracious couple.”

“My equipment was faulty, but s – – t happens sometimes. That’s not an excuse, and that’s not OK, and I am 100% responsible for it,” he also said.

Gummow, of course, offered the bride and groom a full refund as well as offered to take additional photos for them free of charge.

Miraculously, Gummow found that some of the photos had been saved onto the camera itself. Though most had been lost, it was a small comfort to the newlyweds to have some photos of the day.

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