Interview: Cher confesses shocking secrets at 77!

Pop icon Cher is defying age and expectations as she releases her first-ever holiday album, “Christmas,” at the age of 77. However, the release didn’t come without some unexpected competition, as the Rolling Stones also dropped their new album, “Hackney Diamonds,” on the same day. Cher, a living legend known for her distinctive deep voice, expressed her amazement at still being in the spotlight after more than six decades in the entertainment industry.

Cher’s “Christmas” features a mix of holiday classics like “Run Rudolph Run” and “Santa Baby,” along with the original track “DJ Play a Christmas Song.” The album also boasts a collaboration with Darlene Love, renowned as the original Queen of Christmas, for a new rendition of “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home).” Cher reminisced about her background vocals on this song when she was just 17, highlighting the deep respect she has for Love’s contribution to the genre.

The album doesn’t stop at one collaboration; it also includes a festive track with another iconic artist, Cyndi Lauper, titled “Put a Little Holiday in Your Heart.” Cher celebrated the progress women in the music industry have made over the years, emphasizing how they now have the freedom to pursue their artistic expressions.

Adding a modern twist to the holiday album, Cher’s boyfriend, Alexander “AE” Edwards, who is 40 years her junior, contributed to the production and brought in rapper Tyga for a hip-hop flavor on the track “Drop Top Sleigh Ride.” Cher recounted how they met at Paris Fashion Week in September 2022, thanks to her friend nudging her to ask about his distinctive teeth.

Cher With Boyfriend Alexander Edwards

Cher’s life has been marked by both personal and professional milestones. She reflected on her historic Oscar win in 1988 for Best Actress in “Moonstruck” and the surprising realization that she had won when actor Paul Newman announced her name. Cher, known for her hits like “Believe,” is now focusing on both her music and acting careers but remains modest about her holiday album’s potential compared to Mariah Carey’s iconic Christmas contributions.

“I’m not gonna take over that spot,” she humbly stated, acknowledging that she’s “kind of out of my league there.”

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