Crazy Video Shows Captures Moment Weather Report Goes Wrong, ‘I Just Got Hit By A…

In an alarming video that has gone viral, Reporter Tori Yorgey, reporting live for WSAZ in West Virginia, had a car slide straight into her.

Shockingly, Yorgey gets up, is gracious to the driver, and continues to report!

Why Yorgey was put in such a dangerous situation in the first place is a mystery. Yorgey was reporting on severe weather when a car slid on ice right into her. As you can see in the video below, Yorgey was hit hard, but then gets back up.

Yorgey stated,

“I just got hit by a car but I’m OK,” she said from the ground. “We’re all good. I’m all good, you know that’s live TV for you.”

What’s even more shocking is the fact that Yorgey was alone filming. As Yorgey gets up after being hit, she sets up the camera and mentions that this is not the first time she has been hit by a car.

She was actually hit by a car in college too.

Yorgey stated, “It’s a one woman band,” she said, before reassuring studio anchor Tim Irr and a person on scene that she was OK.

As reported on Mashable,

While it is certainly impressive that Yorgey recovered and got back on air, it’s shocking and awful to see her get hit by a car. She was sent out to report on this dangerous situation, in severe weather, all alone. It’s a common trope for TV news to throw reporters into these dangerous situations. But with local TV especially cutting workers, it’s now even more dangerous because reporters like Yorgey are expected to perform multiple jobs at once. There is no time or ability to check for your safety when you’re the on-air reporter, camera operator, and sound person.

Thankfully Yorgey was fine. In a Facebook post, Yorgey wrote, “Wow. I am flattered by the kindness and well wishes. I am feeling fine, just a little sore! Thank you all so much,”





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