Amazing Video: Good Samaritans Rescue An Elderly Man Facing Death From Hurricane Ian Flooding

In Bonita Springs, Florida floodwaters caused by hurricane Ian trapped an elderly man in his vehicle.

“We saw an elderly man struggling in his car, and we knew he needed help,” Benny from @colliercountycowboys said.

A video captured the dramatic rescue in wast-high water and battering wind.

The vehicle was almost completely submerged, and the man could not muster the strength to open the door. It took all of the rescuers to get the car door open.

“The guys all maintained to grab the door and pry it open,” he said. “He was a bit in shock, so he didn’t want to let go, so we assured him we were there to help him.”

Once the door was open, the men were able to reach in and get the stranded man to safety out of the current and to higher ground. The waters continued to rise, and if it wasn’t for the good samaritans, there is no telling what would have happened to the man who was trapped.

Another video captured a good samaritan rescue a cat that was trapped.

Ian slammed into Florida as a category 4 hurricane and beat up the coastline.

Fox News Weather


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