Influencer Slammed After What She Did At Sacred Temple

Hello everyone, let’s dive into the latest social media stir that’s catching everyone’s attention. Instagram model and fitness coach, Vera Zinger, has found herself in hot water after posting a controversial photo online.

Zinger, who is 28, shared an image of herself in skimpy, form-fitting gymwear while striking a pose at the iconic Big Buddha monument in Phuket, Thailand. The outfit, consisting of a tight crop top and bike shorts, revealed her cleavage, abs, and legs.

This attire sparked a flurry of criticism, as the Big Buddha is a revered religious site where visitors are expected to dress modestly. The dress code recommends that legs, shoulders, and chests be covered out of respect for the sacredness of the place.

Despite these guidelines, Zinger captioned her post with a seemingly nonchalant, “Pls hold the line, I’m busy.” This didn’t sit well with many of her followers and social media users who were quick to voice their disapproval.

One user commented, “I am no way shaming how she looks, I think she has an amazing body… but I am Thai and I think it’s pretty disrespectful for her to wear this to see the Big Buddha statue.” The sentiment was echoed by many others who highlighted the importance of respecting cultural and religious norms when visiting such sites.

Another user pointed out, “As there are dress codes for your shoulders and knees need to be covered when visiting sites or temples. Usually, we wear a scarf or a long skirt like a sarong.” The post suggests that a bit of research beforehand could have prevented this backlash.

More comments rolled in, reinforcing the idea that sacred sites are not the place for revealing gym outfits. “I understand she’s a fitness influencer but a sacred site or temple is not the place to be taking a gym outfit picture like that,” read one post. Another user speculated, “They make you cover up before you go in? She must have taken it off for the photo!”

Observations like “All the people in the back are covered as well, how disrespectful,” highlighted the cultural insensitivity perceived in Zinger’s post. The fitness coach, known for flaunting her jet-setting lifestyle, has shared numerous photos of her holidays and gym routines in the past, but this particular post seems to have struck a nerve.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of cultural sensitivity and respect, especially when visiting significant landmarks. While social media platforms like Instagram offer a space for self-expression, it’s crucial to balance this with an awareness of and respect for local customs and traditions.

So, folks, the takeaway here is clear: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or in this case, when in Thailand, cover up when visiting sacred sites like the Big Buddha. Let’s keep the cultural respect intact while enjoying our travels and sharing our experiences online.

Daily Mail