Incredible Heroic Story of How NFL Star Nearly Drowned and Survived

Former NFL athlete Peyton Hillis has provided an update on his health after nearly drowning while saving his kids in Pensacola, Florida last month.

In a statement on his Twitter page Tuesday, Hillis said that he left the hospital with no worries and concerns and should make a full recovery. He thanked his family and the Baptist Hospital staff for their help and support during the traumatic time.

Hillis was taken by helicopter to the hospital on January 4 and was placed on a ventilator in the ICU. He was taken off the ventilator a week later and was discharged two days later.

The football legend Emmitt Smith visited Hillis while he was in the hospital and updated fans on the former NFL athlete’s condition just two days before he was released.

“I had the opportunity to visit a recovering hero this week, Peyton Hillis,” Smith wrote on Jan. 17. “Stay strong Peyton! Praying for you, your family and wishing you a speedy recovery.”

Hillis’ sister, Haley Davis, said in a Facebook post that “everything health-wise is looking good and has all improved” for Hillis and called his progress “truly a miracle.” She also said that their lives were rocked after Hillis was helicoptered to the hospital.

Greg Hillis, Peyton’s uncle, also posted on Facebook that his health was improving but that he was still unconscious at the time. He said the doctors said he was improving and that he was sure Peyton would want everyone to know that he appreciated their prayers.

Hillis is reportedly dating actress Angela Cole, his co-star from the indie thriller The Hunting, and shares his two children with his ex-wife Amanda Hillis. He is still closely following the sport and even has a podcast called In the Backfield.



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