In A Moment Of Chaos One Firefighter Gesture Soothes One Scared Little Girl

It was a chatoic scene after a little girls family was involved in a serious accident.

The road was blocked, emergency vehicles were everywhere, her parents were busy with tow trucks and speaking with police. That’s was when firefighter Ryan Benton grabbed a book out his fire engine and began to read the little girl a story on the curb.

“This allowed her to calm down and allowed the parents the ability to focus on getting some sense of normalcy back after a traumatic event like an accident,” said a Billings fire department spokesperson.

“Sweetest thing ever!” wrote Allie Marie Schmalz, a bystander who took the image of the 26-year-old firefighter.

Billings Fire Department revealed that they always carry book bags and stuffed animals with them to help soothe kids during traumatic incidents.

In the comments section a person said that they had a similar experience.

“A few years ago we experienced the firefighters giving my kids stuffed animals after a fire. My girls remember that more than the fire. It was definitely something we will always be thankful for!” a user wrote.

Sometimes firefighters have to get creative.

Near Detriot, they came to the rescue of a small raccoon that found himself in a very tough spot.

“We were trying all different kinds of options to not try and hurt it, but it was stuck in there really good,” Lt. Brian Lorkowski Lorkowski from the Harrison Township Fire Department told MLive.

First, they tried to put soap around the animal’s neck; however, that failed. Then rescuers considered cutting the cast iron bars, but that was scrubbed.

Finally, emergency personnel asked a homeowner to bring out some cooking oil, and they rubbed it all over the animal. Finally, they could pull out the body and free the animal without any injury.

“We get ducks all the time that fall in the storm drains,” he said. “(But) I can’t remember any raccoon rescues. I think this is my first.”

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