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A grief-stricken husband from London, England, granted his dying wife’s dream of a  Disney-themed wedding just three weeks before she died from a rare form of cancer.

Kirsty Fielding, 28, lost her battle with sarcoma in October of 2022. However, her husband managed to give her one last bit of magic when she married her childhood sweetheart Alex Fielding, 32, at Royal Marsden Hospital in London. Kirsty leaves behind her husband and their 2-year-old son, Thomas.

Alex Fielding, the heartbroken husband, and father said that he initially tried to set up a GoFundMe for the couple to go to Disneyland Paris, however, his wife’s condition was quickly deteriorating making travel impossible. Disney World had special meaning for the couple as they were engaged at the Orlando, Florida, location in 2019.

Kirsty suffered from a condition known as neurofibromatosis which mainly is Benign tumors on the inside of her body, however, in 2021 Kirsty was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer.

Alex told NeedToKnow online, “As we didn’t know how long we had left, we both knew we wanted to get married, but towards the end, she became too sick, so I decided to give Kirsty one last wish, and that was to bring Disney to her.”

“We managed to persuade the hospital to let us use the room that Prince William uses when he visits,” explained Alex. “The whole place was covered in Disney ornaments, we even had a princess castle backdrop.”

“There were roses and even a Disney-themed cake. I just wanted to make sure the day was as magical as possible,” Alex added. “You could just feel the love in the room that day, for Kirsty and for us, it was just a memorable and magical day.”

“We live-streamed the whole thing, and you can just see the happiness in Kirsty’s eyes,” said Alex.

“I will cherish the pictures and videos forever, and it also means that when Thomas gets older, he can look back on them, too, and remember his amazing mom.”

Kirsty died three weeks after her wedding.

In the moments before her passing, Alex explained that Kristy had a burst of energy saying, “Kirsty was telling everyone in the room that she loved them all, and she kept asking me for cuddles. We managed to take a picture of that final hug,” said Alex. “She looked at me and said to me that I gave her a good life, and also told me to find love.”

Alex has now taken up a position in the St. Christopher’s Hospice and Royal Marsden Hospital to help raise awareness about sarcoma cancer.

New York Post


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