Husband Plays Prank On Wife & He Should Thank His Lucky Stars It Ended The Way It Did

Some people love tricksters, others not so much.  Known prankster Mike Legg played a prank on his unsuspecting wife.

Mike and his wife, Joelle have been married 10 years.  Mike greeted Joelle with a romantic gesture when she got home from work. Mike had flowers, heart-shaped confetti, and balloons all leading to a surprise in the kitchen.

However, instead of a nice gift for the hard-working mom of two boys, she was led too a sink full of dirty dishes.

Mike should thank his lucky stars that Joelle is such a good sport. Instead of getting upset by the ‘gift’ and seeing a sink full of dishes, Joelle laughed.

The video has gone viral with over 4.5 million views on Tik Tok.

Mike who is 37 from Auckland, New Zealand said, “She had no idea what was going on. I haven’t given her flowers in ages so she thought I’d done something bad and was guilty of something.”

Mike planned this prank in detail.  He went to a local store and purchased the decorations, put their sons Rocco age 6, and Brax age 4, to bed, and then set the scene.

“I went to the two-dollar shop and got heaps of stuff, heart things for the floor, blew up balloons, tape across the door that I made her cut. I did the full setup, I put the kids to bed and it all went perfectly to plan,” Mike said.

Joelle was surprised and knowing her husband, a little nervous about what was really happening when she arrived home from work and saw the decorations.

Joelle said, “I was definitely a little bit suspicious but I did wonder if he was going to be really sweet to me after a long day at work. I was very happy with the flowers because I never get flowers.”

Joelle knew this elaborate gesture was not due to an anniversary or special occasion. She assumed that maybe this was just a gift she would gladly accept.

“I’m pretty good with anniversaries so I knew I hadn’t forgotten something. I thought ‘Maybe he is just being really romantic,’” Joelle stated.

Joelle continued saying, “I wondered whether he’d bought me a new kitchen appliance or something and was really taking the piss out of me. It would have been nice, though.”

Though a little disappointed, Joelles’ easygoing attitude allowed her to see the prank for what it was and laughed about it.

“I had a good laugh about it when I took the blindfold off and I didn’t do them myself, he did the dishes,” she added.

Though I’m sure we’re all glad she laughed about it and had Mike do the dishes anyway, Mike was relieved that his wife was able to laugh at his antics.

“She knew I was up to something, she cracked up when she saw the dishes. She could have got angry so her reaction was quite funny,” Mike said. “She’s very patient and she laughs when I do things like this.”

Many viewers found Joelle’s light-heartedness refreshing saying, “This is the best thing I have ever seen. I love how she is laughing as well and not getting mad,” said one viewer.

Another saying, “Love How she finds it funny. my wife would go berserk.”

Joelle is no novice to her husband’s jokes and has learned to go with the flow. 

Joelle said, “I am a bit on edge sometimes because he does prank me a lot. Being married to him you have to be calm. Mike’s sense of humor brings out the happy-go-lucky in me and that’s one of the things I like about him.”

“He loves to have a lot of fun and is genuinely a kind-hearted person so he’d never be mean, his heart is always in the right place,” she added.


New York Post


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