Hugh Jackman Begs Academy to NOT Nominate Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Good Afternoon’

Ah, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and two men engaged in an epic, decade-long fake feud. What started as a harmless joke has grown into a full-blown meme, with Jackman and Reynolds taking the occasional jab at one another on social media.

Now, it looks like their feud has reached a new level of absurdity, as Jackman recently took to social media to beg the Academy not to nominate Reynolds’ song “Good Afternoon” for an Oscar.

In the video, Jackman explains that while he and his family “loved” the song, he still doesn’t want it to get a nomination, as it would make the next year of his life “insufferable.” He even went so far as to say that working on the third “Deadpool” movie would be “impossible” if it got the nod.

Jackman, 54, looked serious as he jokingly said in his Twitter video, “Hey everybody it’s 2023, and I really really wanted to send out a positive message at the beginning of the year, but recent events have made that impossible.”

Reynolds sent out several responses on various social media platforms with one response on Instagram saying, “I know it’s still early but Good Afternoon to you, Mr. Jackman.”

(In Reynolds’ Spirited movie, “Good Afternoon” meant “F–k you” as the musical number took place in the 1800s).

Again, not one to be outdone, Reynolds responded to Jackman’s plea with a playful post of his own, saying that he and co-star Will Ferrell would love to perform their duet at the Oscars if nominated.

It’s always a pleasure to see two of Hollywood’s biggest stars engaging in good-natured ribbing; it’s even more fun to watch these two hilarious actors battle it out in a fake feud.

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