Horror on the Streets: Couple Attacked in Chicago Speak Out

A young couple from Chicago, Ashley Knutson, 20, and Devontae Garrisson-Johnson, 22, were the victims of an unprovoked attack during the violent “Teen Takeover” of the city over the weekend. The couple was caught on video being assaulted by a mob of youngsters outside a Macy’s store on North Wabash Avenue. The incident has sparked outrage and concern about the safety of Chicago residents.

Knutson recounted their frightening ordeal during an interview with Fox 32, saying that she and her boyfriend were shopping when they ran into “the really big group of people, guys, and girls” in the Loop. Garrisson-Johnson had her hand, and he was trying to lead her through the crowd of people when they were pushed by the mob. Knutson said she immediately told Garrisson-Johnson that she was shoved, and he asked who did it. At that point, the mob turned on them, and things quickly escalated. Knutson said they were threatened, and the mob said they were going to kill them. They turned around and started fighting, and she was pushed to the ground while the whole group went after Garrisson-Johnson.

The incident left Garrisson-Johnson injured, with the brunt of the aggression focused on him. Good Samaritan Lenora Dennis stepped in and de-escalated the encounter, which likely prevented it from turning deadly. She drove the couple to a police station to file a report, but they were discouraged by the response they received. Knutson said she saw cops drive by and “acted like they didn’t see anything.” Dennis said the couple was taken to a hospital by ambulance, but without their phones, wallets, and even shoes, all of which had been stolen during the attack.

Dennis said she drove the couple to a police station to file a report. “I got told by the desk sergeant that this was going to happen and that this was going to keep happening because Brandon Johnson got elected,” she said, referring to the mayor-elect.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of Chicago residents and the response of law enforcement. On Monday, Chicago Mayor-elect, Brandon Johnson, a progressive Democrat, urged the public not to “demonize” the rampaging teens who set cars on fire, clashed with police, and damaged private property. However, the incident is a stark reminder of the dangers of such violence and the need for better safety measures.

New York Post


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