Hollywood’s Jodie Foster Disses “Never-Ending” Superhero Craze

Jodie Foster, the two-time Oscar winner, recently sat down with Elle magazine for an interview where she shared her thoughts on superhero movies. According to Foster, the genre has been going on for a bit too long and she hopes people will soon be tired of it. She expressed that while she enjoys some superhero films, they are not life-changing for her and do not align with why she became an actor.

Foster mentioned some exceptions like “Iron Man,” “Black Panther,” and “The Matrix,” which she said she marvels at, but ultimately, they do not impact her life in a significant way. She believes there should be room for other types of movies, and that she is more drawn to films like the recent A24 hit “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” The movie, directed by the Daniels, changed Foster’s life and she praised it for opening a “portal of connection and understanding and hope” between her and her sons.

The actor’s new film, “Nyad,” in which she stars alongside Annette Bening, is now streaming on Netflix. She also has a major role in the upcoming fourth season of HBO’s hit series “True Detective,” set to premiere in January 2024.

Foster’s comments about superhero movies may come as a surprise to some, as her “Nyad” co-star Bening had a notable role in Marvel’s 2019 hit “Captain Marvel.” However, Foster stands by her feelings and hopes that superhero movies will soon fade from the spotlight.

The interview with Elle shed light on Foster’s personal preferences and the impact that movies can have on individuals. For Foster, films like “Everything Everywhere All at Once” serve a more significant purpose, and she hopes there will be more room for these types of stories in the future.

Despite her opinion on the matter, Foster’s upcoming projects, including “Nyad” and “True Detective,” prove that she is a versatile and talented actor who can excel in a variety of genres. Fans can catch her performance in “Nyad” now on Netflix, and they can tune in to HBO next year for the highly anticipated fourth season of “True Detective.”