Hollywood Star Dwayne Johnson Calls Out Risqué Mystery Prankster in Viral Video!

Dwayne Johnson, the beloved Fast & Furious star, found himself at the receiving end of a playful prank when his carefully arranged letter balloons, meant to spell “Happy Birthday,” were mysteriously rearranged to spell a rather unconventional message, “Anal Party.” The 51-year-old actor took to social media to share the incident with his fans on Friday.

In a video shared on his social media accounts, Dwayne Johnson appeared both bemused and amused by the unexpected balloon transformation. The gold and red balloons that had initially been arranged to celebrate a birthday had been tampered with, much to his shock. In the video, he humorously expressed his intentions to track down the culprit behind the prank. The actor said, “Whoever you are, if I find you, I’m gonna have words with you, you filthy animal,” all the while sharing a hearty laugh with his audience.

Always one to keep the mood light, Johnson jokingly quipped, “I think I had a few of these in college. It was always a lot of tequila involved. They never go well by the way. Well, I thought they went great,” which elicited laughter from his fans.

Despite the light-hearted response to the prank, Johnson expressed his determination to uncover the identity of the prankster, stating, “You sick son of a — I’m gonna go find out who did this s—.”

On TikTok, Johnson further elaborated that the balloons were initially set up to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, though it remained unclear whether they had previously spelled out “Happy Birthday” or another message.

While the identity of the prankster remains a mystery, many followers of Dwayne Johnson speculated that his close friend and frequent collaborator, Kevin Hart, might be behind the playful alteration. However, no concrete evidence supports this theory.

Dwayne Johnson, widely known for his action-packed roles and larger-than-life personality, has been making waves in the entertainment industry. He recently opened up about his creative journey, emphasizing the importance of respecting the audience and fellow industry professionals. Kevin Hart praised Johnson’s humility and approachability, citing them as key factors contributing to his continued success in the industry.

Hart then complimented Johnson by telling him, “I like the fact that you still embrace those that are coming along in the journey. You still shake their hands. You still make the eye contact.”

“That’s the biggest peace for me. It’s like the respect,” he added. “You respect the business, you respect the people and I think that’s why your wins will continue to come.”


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