Hollywood Heartthrob, 59, Makes Hilarious Dating Confession

Actress Teri Hatcher, best known for her roles on hit shows such as “Desperate Housewives” and the James Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies,” recently revealed that she has had a less-than-stellar experience with online dating. The 59-year-old star shared her story during an appearance on the podcast “Getting Grilled with Curtis Stone,” where she candidly discussed her attempt at finding love through a popular dating app.

Hatcher opened up about her decision to try online dating, stating that she wanted to be “open and vulnerable” to finding a good man. She signed up for Hinge, a popular dating app known for its focus on meaningful connections. However, her experience did not go as planned.

The actress revealed that she was actually kicked off the app because the platform did not believe that it was actually her using the account. “They thought I was pretending to be Teri Hatcher,” she explained. Hatcher shared her frustration, stating that she “complained” to the app and even requested a refund for her subscription. The app eventually apologized and resolved the issue, but the incident still left a sour taste in Hatcher’s mouth.

Despite the issue being resolved, Hatcher stated that she was “over” online dating and had no plans to continue using dating apps to find a potential partner. “I’m definitely done with the dating apps,” she said. “If there’s any way I’ll go somewhere and meet someone, that’s what it’s gonna have to be.” She added that she has tried several different dating platforms, but has not had any luck in finding a meaningful connection.

When asked about potentially trying the exclusive dating app Raya, which is known for its celebrity clientele, Hatcher joked that she was not interested because “those guys only want to date 30-year-olds.” She reiterated her disappointment in not being able to meet people through these platforms and stated that she is not actively seeking a relationship at the moment.

Hatcher’s dating history includes two previous marriages. She was briefly married to Marcus Leithold in 1988, before tying the knot with Jon Tenney in 1994. The couple divorced in 2003 and share a 26-year-old daughter, Emerson. Despite her past relationships, Hatcher seems content with where she is in life and jokes that she doesn’t need a man because she has a cat.

The veteran actress expressed that she is happy with her busy and full life, surrounded by her close friends. She admitted to not meeting many new people but also said that if anyone knew a potential partner for her, they could let her know. “I don’t meet anyone,” she said. “If you come up with someone, let me know.”

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