Hilarious Video Catches A EPIC Battle Between Two Neighboring Families Wanting To Beat The Heat

It’s summer, and during a heatwave, two neighboring families wanted to beat the heat but found themselves in an epic three-day water battle.

The UK is in the middle of a heatwave and that’s when Kimberly Fowell, Dagnam, UK, said the fun started with their neighbor June who proposed a water fight.

The light-hearted battle went on for three days.

On the left, the camera show June Yates, 34, and her 15-year-old son Archie, hysterically lobbing water balloons over the fence and into the backyard of Kimberly’s family. On the right, is Kimberly, her husband, David, family friend Pony, their 10-year-old Beau-Lyn, and three-year-old London.

After the third day of the water cataclysm, Kimberly posted the video to a family group on Facebook and was shocked to see that her post ended up going viral.

Kimberly wrote: “Do you ever just have a water balloon fight over the fences with your neighbor? If not, you should as it is quite fun.”

Kimberly said: “It has been amazing how many comments there are – loads of people want to do it now!

“We’re going to be doing this for a while we think – all we need is more balloons!”

The open lot – no man’s land – belongs to an adult support home and the battling neighbors make sure the yard is vacant before the bout begins. Kimberly explained that the two men living there with the care provider actually love to watch the balloons being lobbed back and forth.

“There are two gentlemen living there with their carer – and they love it! We always make sure they are inside as we don’t want to put them in danger,” Kimberly added.

June, a single mom, said that the war isn’t going to be over any time soon.

“We will definitely will be carrying our water fights on – currently filling our next lots of water all 120 of them. We have a great friendship with our neighbors, so the summer weather is time to be in the garden having water balloon battles.

“We are currently waiting on more stock on water balloons as we have used them all – oops!”



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