Hilarious Mayhem, Look What Dunkin Donuts Can’t Keep In Stock

Popular coffee and donut chain, Dunkin’, has just released an extended version of their hit “DunKings” Super Bowl ad, featuring A-list stars such as Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Matt Damon.

The extended ad, running at almost four and a half minutes, follows Affleck as he prepares for a performance and tries to impress his wife with his new “DunKings” boy band, which also includes retired NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

The original one-minute version of the “DunKings” ad made its debut during Super Bowl LVIII, captivating audiences with its star-studded cast and catchy tune.

Fans were ecstatic when Dunkin’ released a merchandise line to accompany the campaign, which went live just a few days after the Super Bowl. The merchandise line includes “DunKings” track jackets, pants, drink tumblers, and a bucket hat.

According to Dunkin’, the merchandise line was an instant hit, with the “DunKings” tracksuits and bucket hats selling out in just 19 minutes on its release day. This marked the fastest selling collection in the history of ShopDunkin.com. Fans all over the country were eager to get their hands on the limited edition items, resulting in Dunkin’ restocking the collection with four times the initial inventory.

The popularity of the “DunKings” merchandise continues to grow, as fans rush to purchase the remaining items including the track pants and tumblers, which are currently available for pre-order. The track jacket, however, remains sold out and has been the most popular item among fans, according to Dunkin’.

But merchandise isn’t the only thing that Dunkin’ has released in connection to the “DunKings” ad campaign. They also launched a special “DunKings” menu, featuring five exclusive items, and a full-length song titled “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart”. The “DunKings” iced coffee and Munchkins skewers, featured in the ad, have become fan favorites and have been in high demand since their release.

As a result of the success of the “DunKings” campaign, Dunkin’ has seen a major increase in demand for their products and merchandise. The coffee and donut chain, headquartered in Massachusetts, has over 13,200 locations worldwide and continues to expand its reach.

Overall, the “DunKings” ad campaign has been a huge success for Dunkin’, generating buzz and excitement among fans and effectively promoting their products. The star-studded ad and catchy song have captured the attention of viewers, and the limited edition merchandise has become a must-have for fans.

With the success of the “DunKings” campaign, it is safe to say that Dunkin’ has hit a home run with their Super Bowl ad.

Fox Business