Hero FedEx Driver Rescues Trapped Motorist- Watch The Shocking Incident!

A California FedEx driver is being hailed as a hero after his swift and selfless actions saved a man from a harrowing car crash on Interstate 15. Jonathan Rohrbach, a seasoned truck driver with nearly two decades of experience, was driving his Federal Express semi-trailer truck at 3 a.m. when he noticed a car engulfed in flames.

Without hesitation, Rohrbach pulled over upon realizing that no one was outside the burning vehicle seeking help. “As soon as I saw the car, it was still actively on fire. You gotta stop to see if you can do anything at all,” Rohrbach recounted.

As a true testament to his bravery, Rohrbach ran back to the blazing car armed with his fire extinguisher and mobile phone. He attempted to control the inferno, managing to temporarily subdue the flames. However, the fire soon reignited, forcing him to reassess his approach.

Undeterred, Rohrbach noticed that the trapped driver, a 28-year-old man, had suffered serious leg injuries, rendering him unable to escape the encroaching danger. Displaying remarkable strength and quick thinking, the FedEx driver pulled the injured man to safety, all while alerting emergency services for further assistance.

The heart-stopping rescue was captured on video by a cameraman from San Diego’s KGTV, who had rushed to the scene in response to the fiery accident. Throughout the rescue, small explosions erupted from the burning vehicle, adding to the intensity of the moment.

Following the rescue, the victim was rushed to a local hospital for treatment of major non-life-threatening injuries and is reported to be in stable condition, thanks to Rohrbach’s timely intervention. California Highway Patrol expressed that the man was fortunate to be alive.

Despite receiving accolades from his coworkers, Rohrbach humbly downplays his heroism, stating, “I just happened to be the right guy in the right place at the right time. I did what I think anybody would do. Just saw a guy that needed help, so I stopped and helped him.”

His coworkers, however, are steadfast in their admiration for his courage and quick action during this critical moment. Rohrbach’s exemplary response has left a lasting impact on those who witnessed his heroic act.

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