He Was Given 18 Months To Live & Lost Hope. Then, He Held On To The One Thing That Ended Up Saving Him

Popular musician and TV host John Tesh had given up hope after doctors gave him 18 months to live when he was diagnosed with cancer.

The former “Entertainment Tonight” host said that he gave up on life abusing drugs and alcohol.

“In the middle of it, I gave up,” Tesh said. “I was drinking three or four highballs of scotch a night and chasing it with Vicodin.”

The type of cancer he was diagnosed with was so aggressive that doctors told him to get his affairs in order and ensure his family was protected after his death.

“I very quickly became a cancer patient, and so I started making plans for my demise,” Tesh told CBN’s Faithwire of the circumstances after his 2015 diagnosis. “It was 18 months to two years to live. It was a very aggressive form of prostate cancer.”

But Tesh’s wife, Connie Sellecca, helped him change his mindset with a simple bible verse.

“The biggest change for me was … Romans 12:2, which is, ‘Be transformed by the renewing of your mind,’” Tesh said. “It’s a very simple sentence.”

The former musician said that the verse helped him change his mentality to one of victory and healing.

“I don’t recommend this journey,” Tesh said. “I don’t believe God put this on me, but the motivation to see it through definitely was spiritual.”

Tesh has been cancer free for seven years, and he said that his battle with cancer gave him a new perspective on life.

Since his battle, he has launched Tesh TV which is a platform where viewers can watch inspirational videos to help them through difficult times. The former TV host hasn’t hung up his music career either. You can still catch him performing on Friday and Saturday at the Feinsteing’s in Los Angeles.

Not only is it good to see Tesh recover it’s great to see him being there for others that are struggling.


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