Grandfather Ends Up In A Fight With One Of Nature’s Notorious Boxers After His Dogs Were Attacked

Cliff Dess, a grandfather who lives outside Argyle, Australia ended up in a fight with one of nature’s most prolific boxers.

Recently a Kangaroo had begun to attack his dogs that were in his yard. Dess said the animal was a “six-foot mad roo.”

Dess initially tried to scare off the animal however it started to come after him and knocked him over. That was when Dess – a former mixed martial arts trainer – put his skills to use.

The aggressive Kangaroo got more than he bargained for as the man and beast brawled mono a mono. Dess was able to break free and grabbed a stick to beat back the animal and protect his dogs.

“Whacking it, trying to keep it at bay…but yeah it didn’t last too long,” Dess explained in an interview with 9News Australia.  The stick didn’t stop the kangaroo as it continued to attack. Dess then used his skills to gain an advantage.

The battle went on for six minutes until Dess was able to take down the animal by putting his weight on top of it.

According to wildlife officials, the kangaroo was not injured but Dess was bitten, bruised, and scraped up.

Once Dess got the kangaroo under control he formed an exit plan to get to safety and keep his animals safe. However, for another 20 minutes, the “mad roo” continued to try and get at his dogs through the fence.

The Queensland government website reports that kangaroos can become aggressive especially if they are looking for food.

The site also warned, “Even if it is only looking for food or human contact, a kangaroo may still become aggressive. Don’t act aggressively toward the kangaroo, as this will simply reinforce the idea that you are a threat.”

Dess said he still loves the animals and that they are iconic even though one tried to take his life.

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